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Please find below some information about Amber Bridge’s Purchase Department. There are three groups in it, taking care of:

- spare parts and equipment,

- technical materials and tools,

- ship’s provisions.

On base of our experience and world-wide contacts with manufacturers, suppliers, stock keepers of various types of vessels’ equipment, we can arrange for spare parts, materials delivery upon your request. The parts, materials can be easily shipped to your office or directly on board the vessel via agent’s address, as soon as possible. Please consider that we cover not only European market, but Far East also.

Below please find list of spare parts for engines & deck equipment, we can provide you with :

1.Main & aux.engines:

- cylinder liners, cylinder covers, pistons,

- piston rings, crankshafts, engine blocks,

- bedplates, turbocharger parts.

2.Fuel injection equipment:

- high pressure fuel pipes, injectors,

- fuel pumps, pump elements.


- lub. oil pumps, mobile pumps, sanitary pumps, piston pumps,

- hydraulic pumps, water gen. pumps, boiler feed pumps,

- sludge pumps, fire fighting pumps, water pumps,

- cargo pumps, deepwell pumps, variable displacement.

4.Steering gears:

- variable displacement pumps, electro-mechanical distributors,

- rams, cylinders, cooling sets for hydraulic oil,

- electronic controls for variable displacement pumps,

- distant reading equipment.


- mechanical parts for cranes, hydraulic parts for cranes,

- electric & electronic parts for cranes, PCB’s

- HP hoses, steel wires, blocks, shackles.

6.Electric / electronic equipment:

- rewinding el. motors, rewinding coils,

- parallel running, PCB’s,

- switch board components, transformers,

- contactors, solenoids,

- cable, navigation lights,

- all types fuses, sensors,

- carbon brushes, lamp bulbs.


- mechanical seals, tools,

- purifier parts, heat exchangers,

- all types filters, all types valves, ,

- thermometers, pressure gauges.

- evaporators, various deck equipment.


Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.

We do hope, that our proposal will approach your expectations.