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We are very familiar with all aspects of providing technical supervision and management on vessels like following:

 - constant care of ship’s maintenance and technical condition,

 - arranging any necessary inspections of classification society and flag administration for obtaining / keeping safety and class certificates continuously valid,

- arranging any service, repair and dry docking facilities, supervision on class, periodical, between sail repairs,

 - estimating the stevedore’s damages and others, occurred due to ship’s collisions and groundings, resolving any problem in co-operation with the P&I Clubs, insurance companies and their representatives,

 - carrying out the comprehensive inspections and surveys at ship’s taking over for management and/or flag, classification society changing,

 - providing the ship with all required and needed spare parts, materials, equipment and consumables ( including lub oils, chemicals, gases etc.) in respect of very well recognized market world-wide,

 - constant supervision on the current works performed by the ship’s crew, evaluation of crew employed,

 - keeping technical budget, agreed with the Owner, at the respectively low level.